Visit Kamnik - Embraced by the Alps.

Stroll through the medieval streets accompanied by our experienced guides, peek into local stories and legends and see the hidden gems of the charming Kamnik.


Follow the footsteps of Jože Plečnik Kamnik

Jože Plečnik, the most famous Slovenian architect, found his inspiration in Kamnik and its surroundings. Get to know its rich architectural legacy accompanied by a local guide.


Veronicas treasure hunt

With the help of guides and the messages that the guides leave at the main sights, the children get to know the life and characteristics of the medieval city. In the end, the children find the long-awaited treasure and listen to the legend of Veronica at the Little Castle.


Bikers manual to Kamnik and its surroundings

Diverse terrain, children's cycling routes and the most difficult recreational cycling test are just some of the indicators that cycling is at home in Kamnik. Cycling to the Volčji Potok Arboretum by city bike, towards the source of Kamniška Bistrica or ascent by mountain bike to Velika Planina. All this for cycling enthusiasts.

Everything and more in the collection of cycling routes in Kamnik and surroundings.