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Taste Kamnik

Taste Kamnik

From peasant's to imperior's dishes

Taste local, taste Kamnik

Kamnik, a town with a rich history, which is reflected in traditional and typical local dishes. Taste Kamnik is a project that collects traditional local dishes, which represent the area as a whole and at the same time showcase their diversity - also when it comes to social diversity of the area.

Tuhinj trouts

In recent decades, the search for new earning opportunities has encouraged trout farming, particularly in Tuhinj Valley. Also, Snovik Spa has started promoting local trout dishes at several events and competitions, which bring new recipes and innovative ideas for trout serving.

Tuhinj stuffing

Tuhinj stuffing was prepared only for important holidays, which is still often the case today – nowadays, it is often prepared only for Easter. The basic ingredients are ham or smoked meat, white bread, eggs, onion, cream and various spices. Another popular dish from Tuhinj Valley is bread made from half-white flour and baked in a wood oven. Despite the changes in production methods, bread managed to keep its distinctive character. Sometimes, a woman who gave birth got a basket of white bread, as a blessing.

Ursuline convent cream layer cake

This cream layer cake (called kloštrska kremšnita in Slovenian) comes from the Ursuline Convent in Mekinje, a village near Kamnik. The convent organised cookery courses for wealthy girls from their surroundings. That is how some of the dishes made in the convent spread throughout the area.

Princely Venison Goulash

Princely Venison Goulash (Firštov divjačinski golaž) reminds us of the hunting tradition in Kamniška Bistrica Valley and pinpoints the importance of venison in the local cuisine. In the past, hunting was reserved for ruling classes. The princely venison goulash is associated with the hunting expedition of Archduke Charles II. In 1564, he and his entourage ate at the stone table near Predaselj Gorge – writing on the table reminds us of that. Later on, the table was named the Prince’s Table (firštova miza, firšt derives from a German word Fürst denoting a prince, a ruler). It attracted several important visitors. Due to the touch of nobility, the dish that got the same name.

Rušovc Tips and Pinecone Liquor

The liquor made of young tips and green mountain pinecones, which are put in a jar in shifts along with sugar and honey, is a speciality that combines herdsmen tradition of the Kamnik area and the modern-style gathering of herbs and other plants for medical and nutritional purposes.

The chamois soup

The recipe for the chamois soup originates in Kamniška Bistrica Valley, known as the hunting ground for the aristocrats as well as simple inhabitants from the valley - farmers, loggers, cotters and artisans. And precisely the chamois soup was often cooked on the open fire by both social groups: by the lords and by the poorest in the society. Today, you can taste it at the Pri planinskem orlu Guesthouse.

Kamnik Sausage (Kamniška kajžerca)

Kamniška kajžerca is a heat-treated sausage, first made by butcher Podgoršek from Kamnik and later by Meso Kamnik – a meat-processing company in Kamnik. The sausage goes well with Kamnik mustard and whole-grain mustard (ženof) from Eta, a food processing company. It is still produced according to the old recipe by Stanko Žargi, the founder and owner of the pre-war factory Eta.

Content cover image of: Trnič hard cheese

Trnič hard cheese

Trnič hard cheese

The cheese from Velika planina, which brings joy especially to the girls who are head over heels in love.

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