Get to know the green scheme

The Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism (GSST) is a tool developed at the national level and a certification programme that carries out the following tasks under the SLOVENIA GREEN umbrella brand:

  • brings together all efforts directed towards the sustainable development of tourism in Slovenia,
  • offers tools to destinations and service providers that enable them to evaluate and improve their sustainability endeavours
  • and promotes these green endeavours through the Slovenia Green brand.

Slovenia Green

More than 100 ways for visiting Slovenia in a more sustainable manner! Choose from destinations, accommodations, parks, agencies, attractions, restaurants and beaches that have been awarded the Slovenia Green certificate.

Slovenia Green members

To obtain the Slovenia Green Destination label (Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum), the destinations must meet the Green Destinations Standard criteria, while providers first obtain/present one of internationally recognised labels that are also verified by Slovenia Green in order to obtain Slovenia Green Accommodation/Park/Travel Agency/Attraction/Cuisine/Beach label.

Slovenia's green story

The new promotional documentary Slovenia Green presents Slovenia's green story and, through the stories of locals, destination representatives and tourism providers, tells viewers that Slovenia is a safe destinations with a sustainable offer and unspoilt nature.

Slovenia was declared the first Green Country in the World at the Global Green Destinations Day in 2016.


Tips for a green visit to the Kamnik tourist destination

Slovenia is one of the greenest countries on planet Earth. According to the standards of Green Destinations, it is the first country entirely rated green

You have arrived at a green destination. Kamnik in following the path of sustainable development by joining the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism. This national programme provides a framework for the award of the Slovenia Green label, which is a commitment to a green future.

By following the instructions below you will help us develop and keep our destination green.

Be green before you even arrive in Kamnik

  • Travel to Kamnik by train, then continue your yourney by bus to reach the tourist attractions in Kamnik region.
  • Seek accommodation at a provider that strives to operate in a sustainable manner throught responsible management of natural resources and waste.

Travel green and preserve the nature and landscape

  • Visit our protected area.
  • Kamnik is perfect for leisurely exploration. Walk on the well-kept and marked trails; every walk outside designated trails can cause biotic imbalances to flora and fauna.
  • Be romantic without stomping on grass to pick flowers.
  • Explore the dynamic landscape by bicycle.

Protect the environment and climate

  • Feel the Kamnik as a green outdoor home. Make sure you separate your waste and deposit it in designated places.
  • In Kamnik you can drink tap water wherever you go. Use a reusable water bottle.
  • Help us preserve Slovenia’s rich water resources by opting for a quick shower instead of a bath, and by turning off the tap while brushing your teeth.
  • Help us conserve energy by using your towels and bed linen more than once.
  • Use environmentally-friendly soaps and cosmetic products that do not damage the delicate natural ecosystems.
  • Do not interfere with natural frequencies – unplug your devices whenever possible.

Respect the culture and tradition

  • The Slovenian language has helped to preserve the country’s culture and made the nation’s sovereignty possible. Pick up a few words and you will be bringing out smiles among the locals all the time. Hello = dober dan, thank you = hvala, how are you? = kako ste?, this is good = to je zelo dobro.
  • Buy local by visiting shops selling local produce and products.
  • Support local food producers; support farmers by ordering food made of local ingredients, and local craftsmen and artists by showing appreciation and buying their work.
  • Experience Kamnik's diverse cuisine. Taste local, taste Kamnik. Choose typical dishes: Tuhinj stuffing, Tuhinj Trouts, Ursuline convent cream layer cake,  Princely Venison Goulash, Rušovc tips and pinecone liquor, chamois soup, Kamnik sousage with Kamnik whole-grain mustard ženof, The cheese Trnič from Velika planina
  • The best way to get to know Karst and Brkini culture is to hire a local guide who will know everything there is to know about the local environment and community.
  • Visit museums, galleries and other cultural sites to help preserve top artworks.
  • Attend heritage-focused events which will allow you to understand Slovenian customs and traditions. (Days of National Costumes and Clothing Heritage in Kamnik, food&music festival with open kitchen KUL Petek/ COOL Friday, Festival of Palm Sunday bundles at Budnar’s house, …)


Keep green Slovenia and the destination of Kamnik in your heart as a memory and a »taste of home«. It is something we internalise, as a memory of the closeness and warmth of our home and those we love. It is something that may have been lost and that we seek; somewhere where mankind has maintained genuine contact with nature. That's how it is in Kamnik …

  • The most beautiful gift you can take home with you is a handmade souvenir with a certificate. Find one you like in shops bearing the logo of Art & Craft Slovenia.
  • Share your experience with your friends and help us promote the green frame of mind.
  • Open your heart to green habits, and continue them even after you return from your holiday.

Thank you for walking the green path with us.

Welcome to the Kamnik!


Kamnik's green story


The Slovenian Tourist Organization and the Sustainable Tourism Factory have awarded the Slovenia Green Destination Gold label to the Municipality of Kamnik. In 2016, the municipality of Kamnik obtained the silver mark of a green destination, and in the process of renewing the mark in 2019, the evaluation commission concluded that Kamnik is one of the evaluated destinations that is "the most advanced" and therefore deserves a gold mark. Until then, six destinations, Ljubljana, Podčetrtek, Bled, Rogaška Slatina, Komen and Miren Kars, had the gold label Slovenia Green Destination.


The Slovenian Tourist Organization awards the Slovenia Green Destination mark on the basis of the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism. It is a system aimed at promoting the development of sustainable tourism in the environmental, social and economic fields. It is a quality certificate that marks the fulfillment of a wide range of requirements in the field of sustainable tourism. The scheme is both a tool for assessing and improving sustainable performance. The municipality of Kamnik has had a silver mark since 2016, and in the re-evaluation process that began at the end of 2018, it was promoted to a gold mark. When obtaining the mark, many areas are assessed, including handling of waste and sewage, handling of natural surfaces, awareness of residents and tourists, water quality, sense of security and more.


The Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism (ZSST) is a system or certification scheme that under the umbrella of the SLOVENIA GREEN brand (1) combines all efforts for the sustainable development of tourism in Slovenia, (2) offers destinations and providers concrete tools to assess and improve sustainable operations , (3) through the SLOVENIA GREEN brand, it also promotes this green operation.

"I am extremely proud that the Municipality of Kamnik has progressed to the gold mark of Slovenia Green Destination in these four years," said the Mayor of the Municipality of Kamnik, Matej Slapar, and added: "This is an additional confirmation that everyone is working together both in the development of tourism and the entire municipality we are following the path of creating an integrated green destination. It is a permanent project and the responsibility of all stakeholders in the entire area. But this is also a commitment for the future, to achieve new sustainable products and experiences.

I see the advancement to the Slovenia Green Destination gold mark primarily as the excellent work of the green team that led the process, the team of the Institute for Tourism, Sport and Culture Kamnik, which participated in it, and all the other involved partners. This is additional recognition that we are on the right track in the development of tourism and that Kamnik is recognized as a green destination. At the same time, I would like to thank all the tourist providers who follow us on this journey, and all those who participated in the process of restoring the sign. With the development of green tourism, the Municipality of Kamnik will be even more recognized on the domestic and foreign markets. But we must realize that sustainable development is a path and not a goal. I myself believe that we can achieve even more in this area."

The eco-oriented Terme Snovik, which years ago was the first in Slovenia to receive the EU daisy environmental mark, and also the Slovenia Green Accommodation mark at the Slovenian Tourism Days, also make an outstanding contribution to green, sustainable Kamnik. In 2020, the internationally recognized Green Key environmental mark was also obtained by the provider of accommodation in cottages on the Velika planina, Pravljica na Velika planina, owned by Rok Virag.

The process of restoring the sign was led by a green team, directed and coordinated by Nina Irt, green coordinator at the Kamnik Institute of Tourism and Sport. In the process of restoring the sign, it was necessary to collect data from many public services, companies, public institutions, the tourist industry, as well as residents, visitors and tourists. In order to obtain the Slovenia Green Destination gold mark, destinations must meet the internationally comparable criteria of the Green Destinations Standard, and the purpose of such recognition is to promote the sustainable development of tourism in Slovenia within the framework of the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism, which was designed by the Slovenian Tourism Organization with the Institute of Sustainable Tourism Factory.

"The gold mark of Slovenia Green Destination shows that the municipality of Kamnik is oriented towards sustainable development, but we are aware that there are still quite a few challenges ahead of us, as we do not want to stop at this point, but rather raise the quality of life and awareness of sustainable development to a higher level," said the mayor of Kamnik Municipality, Matej Slapar.

"Kamnik is defined in the Strategy for the Sustainable Growth of Slovenian Tourism as a leading destination in central Slovenia, and by obtaining the gold mark, we have positioned ourselves even better on the Slovenian, European and global markets," says Nina Irt, green coordinator of the green team, and adds: "Our wish at the Kamnik Institute of Tourism and Sport is for everyone to internalize the mindset of being a destination in favor of sustainable development: the public sector, the economy, non-governmental organizations and, last but not least, citizens."

You can read more about the Green Scheme of Slovenian tourism on the website: here.

Green instructions for visiting the green destination Kamnik


Slovenia is a country that tells a green story. Everywhere we look, everything is green, and this is also the case in the picturesque destination of Kamnik. Unspoiled green nature encourages us to act responsibly and protect it so that we will leave it unspoiled for our descendants. Under the auspices of the "Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism", we also implement green policies and create green experiences in Kamnik. As part of this national program, the SLOVENIA GREEN label is also awarded, which promises a green future.



Visiting one of the greenest destinations in the world is a responsible decision

Slovenia is one of the most environmentally friendly countries in the world. The Good Country Index ranks it fourth out of 154 countries in terms of its positive contribution to the planet and climate. We are proud of vast forests, rich biodiversity, numerous protected areas and parks, exceptional water resources, and drinking water of exceptional quality. We are proud of our rich cultural heritage, which we actively preserve. Because we want to prevent the negative impact of visitors on the natural environment and local communities, we develop tourism in a sustainable way. We need your help with this. With the instructions below, we urge you to color your visit to Slovenia green and travel responsibly.

The prestigious global tourism media Condé Nast Traveler ranked Slovenia among the 10 most sustainable destinations worth visiting in 2021. More

Let's act responsibly, safely and sustainably.

We are aware that today more than ever, the trust and safety of both guests and employees in tourism are important. We maintain and increase trust in the I feel Slovenia brand with responsible travel standards in tourism. We combined them into the GREEN&SAFE sign. With it, we indicate and emphasize high hygiene standards and protocols as well as sustainable recommendations for tourism providers and destinations. With activities based on safety, responsibility and sustainability, we increase guests' confidence that Slovenia is a green and safe tourist destination. More.

Even visitors can make a significant contribution to improving sustainability and confirming the promise of the SLOVENIA GREEN brand…


… with the awareness that your behavior affects the environment, local communities and the preservation of natural and cultural heritage. With the "Green Guidelines" you follow, you contribute to reducing the negative impact of tourism and contribute to strengthening the reputation of the SLOVENIA GREEN brand.

Visiting one of the greenest destinations on the planet is a responsible decision. According to Green Destinations standards, Slovenia is the first comprehensively assessed green country. The tourist destination of Kamnik is also a recipient of the SLOVENIA GREEN golden label. Try to find out as much as possible about Slovenia and Kamnik before you arrive at your destination.

Travel by train or bus or choose an airline that invests in programs to reduce its carbon footprint.

Promote green and sustainability - stay overnight with a green provider! Book your vacation in accommodation with international and national Slovenia Green certification. In Kamnik, these are Terme Snovik in Tuhinjska dolina, where they strive for sustainable operation; they handle waste water, waste and energy responsibly and are the first recipients of the Eco Label in Slovenia. In cooperation with the Tuhinjska dolina Tourist Association and many events and projects, they are deeply involved in the local community and will be happy to share with you some interesting local stories and, of course, local cuisine, including recipes from the Okusi Kamnika (Taste Kamnik) brand.

Green tours and experiences in Slovenia are organized by certified travel agencies. If you want to travel in a particularly green and sustainable way, travel agencies with the Slovenia Green national certificate can help you organize tours and experiences.


Nature and landscape

  • Visit the green natural parks of Slovenia and discover the hidden corners of the green destination of Kamnik. The untouched nature of the Velika planina with its diverse flora and fauna is protected within the European network of nature conservation areas Natura 2000. Visit the largest botanical park in Slovenia, Arboretum Volčji Potok, and get to know the colorful plant world of a beautiful park with a rich cultural heritage.
  • Instead of driving, discover the destination of Kamnik by bicycle. The picturesque landscape is interspersed with many trails of varying difficulty. You can rent an electric bike in your destination to overcome the differences in height, and to explore the city center you can rent a city electric bike using the KAMkolo system.
  • Slovenia is made for exploring at a leisurely pace, as we have a network of more than 11,000 km of marked footpaths. The destination of Kamnik, embedded in the mountain world of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, is a real paradise for hikers. Stick to the marked footpaths, which are marked by skilled and dedicated marksmen, as they will lead you safely and reliably to your destination.
  • Maintain the delicate natural balance in protected nature areas by walking on well-trodden and signposted paths. Any walk outside the intended path can cause a biotic imbalance. You can find a map of mountain and hiking trails in the tourist information office in the destination.
  • Show affection for your loved ones in a different way than by plucking flowers. Wild flowering meadows are pastures for native Slovenian bees, as Slovenia is one of the most bee-friendly countries in the world.


Environment and climate

  • Experience Slovenia and Kamnik as a green outdoor home. Together we can make sure it stays clean and tidy. Arrange for separate collection of waste and take it to places that are accessible to municipal services. If you roam the hills and mountains, take your trash to the valley.
  • The water is clean and drinkable everywhere in Slovenia, as the right to clean drinking water is enshrined in the constitution. We recommend that you buy a refillable bottle in Slovenia, as you can pour clean drinking water at every step.
  • Help us preserve the wealth of water resources by choosing a short shower instead of a bath and by turning off the tap while brushing your teeth.
  • Help contribute to saving energy by reusing used towels or bedding.
  • Choose soaps, cosmetics and other cleaning products that are environmentally friendly and do not harm nature or its delicate ecosystems. Even if the cosmetic packaging is almost empty, use it up and take it home with you.
  • If your device breaks or the battery runs out during the trip, take it to a special collection point.
  • Let the environment and nature catch their signals. Whenever possible, unplug all electronic and other devices.


Culture and tradition

  • Over the millennia, the Slovenian language has helped preserve Slovenian culture and sovereignty. Try to learn some basic words and phrases that will put a smile on the faces of your Slovenian hosts all over the country. (hello = good day, thank you = hlavá, How are you = kako si/ ste, that is so good – this is very good).
  • Buy locally, in local stores with Slovenian products and produce. In Kamnik, at the town market, you can also find home-grown food from the surrounding farmers, thus ensuring a short green chain from the field to the plate. Delicious and extremely healthy!
  • Support local producers: farmers by ordering dishes from local ingredients, artisans by buying their products and master craftsmen by learning about their skills and buying their art. And Kamnik has always been a town of artisans and craftsmen. We are especially proud of the Pax Stele candle factory, where Plečnik candles are also made from real wax according to the old tradition.
  • Taste local cuisine from local providers of the destination, who draw their inspiration from nature and its delicacies.
  • Visit traditional events and events that will introduce you to Slovenian habits, traditions and customs. In the destination of Kamnik, you should not miss the largest traditional event, Days of Costume and Clothing Heritage in Kamnik, which is also rich in cultural and ethnographic heritage.
  • Get to know the traditional professions of the past that have been preserved in the present, such as the profession of a shepherd on the Velika planina, where the highest active shepherd settlement in Europe is located. You can get to know the shepherd's profession thoroughly here in Slovenia Eco Resort through the first and only Shepherd Academy in the world.


Take away a piece of green Slovenia and Kamnik in your heart

  • The handiwork of local creators is the most beautiful souvenir. Find them at one of the providers.
  • Share your positive experiences with your friends and help us spread the green thought.
  • Share your experiences in Slovenia and Kamnik on social networks and use #ifeelsLOVEnia and #visitkamnik.
  • Open your heart to green habits and implement them at home and pass them on to your children.


Thank you for walking the green path with us...


Welcome to green and safe Slovenia!

In Slovenia, we have established high hygiene requirements and recommendations for health protection, so it is not surprising that we were among the first countries in the world to obtain the Safe Travels sign from the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC). Here you will feel safe at every step, as we carefully implement all recommendations to prevent infections. This is how we protect you, employees and residents in the local community. Now is the time for a safe vacation in green Slovenia.


Nina Irt

Green coordinator of the Kamnik Green team

Institute for Tourism and Sport Kamnik