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There are numerous restaurants in Kamnik and its surroundings.

Taste local dishes prepared by suberb chefs.

When in Kamnik, visit one of the local restaurants to taste traditional local Kamnik dishes, as well as other types of dishes. Mouthwatering dishes prepared by local chefs will make your stay in Kamnik even more authentic.

Repnik Guesthouse

A family-owned Slovenian restaurant is located in Vrhpolje, next to the road to Tuhinj Valley, only a kilometre from Kamnik. They are known for excellent homemade desserts and a fine selection of quality wines. Next to the restaurant, there is also a beautiful back garden ideal for open-air wedding ceremonies and receptions. Recently, their offer has been expanded by building 9 boutique rooms.

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Mili vrh Guesthouse

Mili vrh Guesthouse is a family-owned restaurant offering typical Slovenian food, prepared on the authentic wood stove and according to the recipes of our grandmothers. This is the best place to experience a typical Slovenian lunch.

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Potočka restaurant

Snovik Spa is a smaller sized, eco-friendly spa situated in beautiful natural surroundings of Tuhinj Valley. In addition to wellness, thermal complex also includes Potočka Restaurant, offering typical local dishes. Their speciality is Tuhinj trout, prepared in ten different ways. Breakfast includes local organic products.

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Vratarnica is located in the upper part of the city by the entrance gate to a former gunpowder factory and close to the city cultural home called Kulturni dom Kamnik. At "Vratarnica" serve excellent special food including dishes that are usually served at the local event Okusi Kamnika as well as other fine tasting dishes with cornmeal mush/polenta. With everyday menu they try to keep also our vegan customers and burger lovers happy. Close to our tavern there is a park where our visitors can enjoy a refreshing breeze while listening to the sound of the local creek called "Žajspoh".

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Trnič hard cheese

Trnič hard cheese

The cheese from Velika planina, which brings joy especially to the girls who are head over heels in love.

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