Pravljični Kamnik 2019 - Zvečer v mesto

Experience Kamnik’s winter wonderland!


Free ice skating every day in December and January.


Every day from 11th to 21st of December

City stage

17.00                                    Kids show/performance/theatre
19.00                                    Concerts, stand-ups, disco

City centre

17.00                                    Fairy-tale fair



28th of December

Kamnik’s Main Square
10.00, 11.30, 15.00          Ice countess Veronika from Mali Grad

Europe Park, city centre
18.00                                    Fire performance with Čupakabra


Kamnik’s Main Square

28th of December            Concert: Rok Ferengja & Rok’n’band

29th of December            Concert: Koala Voice and Matter
                                               disco pop / trap

30th of December            Concert: Sundrops and Arche
                                               pop / rock

31st of December            New year’s celebration with Poljanški ensemble