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Kul petek v Kamniku

Cool Friday


Have a dinner under the stars.

Food and...

Every Cool Friday after work you can hang out in a special atmosphere and enjoy the great food from Kamnik and its surroundings. Cool Friday Will offer you variate of dishes. So, stop for a moment or two, grab a bite and enjoy live music.

More informations

Through whole summer every Friday evening you can enjoy great food with live music. Parc in the middle of medieval town will offer you great atmosphere so you can enjoy dinner under the stars. Everything will be so cool, that's why it is called Cool Friday.

Every Friday from June 22 to August 17 at 18.00 in park Evropa (park Europe).


On the other hand, you might want to kick back in the good company, listen to live music and give a toast to another end of the working week with a glass of fine craft beer. We just want you to be cool.